The War On Debt: Learn Strategies to Turn Creativity into Prosperity



This book explores the impact of DEBT and how it affects those closest to us. It examines the paths that DEBT causes one to consider that they would have never considered without it. On the FLIP side however, it also strategically reveals the step by step kingdom strategy to successfully return one to a place of increase and prosperity if committed to the principles of Giving, Tithing, Sowing and Reaping, while also exploring other streams of income. The challenge in dealing with credit/debt is that we tend to beg for what we need and buy what we want. It begins with a change of mind. We need to change our mind in order to change our life. Change is not change until there is change. Poverty always expects less, focuses on loss, is content with lack and willfully accepts the least in life. The truth is, MONEY never hurt anyone, it’s the IGNORANCE, the NEED to be accepted and the lack of understanding by those of us who handle it that makes the difference. One hundred dollars in the hand of a consumer may mean shopping, but in the hands of a millionaire it means investing and reproducing. Let’s get some help in dealing with DEBT! In this book, we can learn to fix our credit, and while we are at it we can also learn how to creatively operate in prosperity. You will learn how to develop partnerships that promote your business. It’s time to sound the alarm! It’s time we get a Kingdom mindset and go on the attack. Let’s go and prepare to fight, no, let’s prepare for WAR… The War On Debt!!


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